Hard/Private Money

This is not your parents lending.

Hard Money, like conventional money, is generally still handed out by some type of lender unless “you know a guy”. The guy here would be a private lender and he/she would be handing our PRIVATE money. Hard Money Lenders (HMLs) are referred to as “non-banks” because they don’t have to follow the rules set forth by Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, the USDA, VA, FHA, or Ginnie Mae. They are also ALLOWED to have risky loan features like balloons, interest only payments, prepayment penalties, and adjustable rates.

I prefer to think of those risky features as a tax for getting the money together really quickly.

Flipping a house requires some basic math. You have to know how much you are going to pay to purchase, hold, and rehab. Then you need a good idea of what you can sell it for. We have a calculator to help you with that: download it below:
Ground up builds can be an excellent opportunity to build out your portfolio, especially in the 2-4 unit space, but again do yourself a favor and do the math. Download our calculator here.
Government red tape is a real thing and for people buying a house they are going to LIVE in…it makes a lot of sense but if you are an investor; speed, simplicity, accessibility, and availability are all your friend.

Rental Loans: These can come a few different ways. You are buying a turn key property that has or is ready for tenants. You bought a flip and decided to keep it and need to refinance out of the short term bridge loan. You built a house and need to refinance the construction loan. These loans are often limited by the amount of money a property does or can bring in against the all in mortgage payment (Principal, Interest, Tax, Insurance, HOA).

Other: HMLs usually offer a bunch of different combo products as well, stuff that can be combined with the three above. Lines of Credit, Portfolio Loans, Multifamily (5+ units), and other commercial products that work in a similar way to FnF, Ground Up, and Rental. They may offer loans specifically to STR, manufactured home, or even rural investors.

Lines of credit are exactly what they sound like but are often backed by an asset. Porfolio loans are rental loans that save you some escrow costs by way of one note being recorded on two or more deeds. MF begins the commercial product lines.

Frankly, from here, it gets messy…so just let us do it for you because we even fill out your app on your behalf…you just sign it.

Our Focus is what YOU tell us it is

Leverage, Origination, Reserves,
Rate, Closing Speed, Draw Process,
Recourse type, Dutch interest style…

We can even get your payments rolled into some loans

You have questions
we have answers

The only hm brokerage with proprietary
loan placement software*

*BROKER CHEETAH makes us faster
and helps us connect you to
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