About the Co-Founder

Justin began his career in lending after being honorably discharged from the U.S. Army in 2002. Lending was meant to be temporary, but here we are 20 some odd years later and he is still at it.

Justin is a licensed MLO in both Arizona and California, NMLS 2410775.

He has experience in all areas of Conventional Lending less Reverse Mortgages and HELOCs.

He began lending for Assisted Living Facilities in 2021 and pretty quickly transitioned into lending for investment properties as a whole where he discovered private and hard money. The next year was spent perfecting the art of loan placement and learning lenders programs and finally opening Power Loan Group in early 2023. Because of his precision in craft and the software he helped developed, Broker Cheetah, Power Loan Group knows precisely where to place loans based on any situation.

What makes him uniquely qualified to place loans for his clients is that he too is an investor. He does fix and flips, wholesales properties, and has a few rentals. This means he knows how something important to you can change the loan program you want this time versus next time. He knows how to negotiate with lenders and always has your best interest at heart.

He teaches a class about property investment locally from wholesaling and flipping to creative finance techniques.

Since it’s inception, Justin and Power Loan Group have secured over million of dollars in financing for clients. Give him a call or shoot him an email and he will be happy to deploy his wealth of knowledge in your direction.

About Power Loan Group

Power Loan Group is the product of lending experience spanning over 20 years, a programmer, and a few non-originators that wanted a better life.

Our primary focus is the fix and flip loan. We know how to place them, what product features make a difference, and how and when to push lenders to get what we want and need done.

Power Loan Group CAN broker all types of Hard Money in all 50 U.S. states although our headquarters is located in Northern Arizona. When we say all types of loans, we mean the basics; fix and flip, ground up, long term rental and everything beyond that; multi-family, care homes, retail, office, mixed use, trailer parks, student housing, cannibas buildings, etc. We can even broker portfolio loans, lines of credit, and some business loans.

Power Loan Group Logo

Our Lending Philosophy

The history of why…

We work with a lot of clients that have been flipping for a while but have always used a private financier for the purchase of these properties. (This truly is the most common story we hear). These people often use their own money for rehab. This is a limiting factor for all of these people.

We are fully aware that Dave Ramsey doesn’t approve of what we do but we believe in leverage and because we actively evaluate your deals, you can rest assured you have the best possible chance of making money on them.

If you are buying 200k properties and putting 100k into the rehab and your private lender is giving you 90%…you are in it for 120k. We would get that down to 20k so you have a cushion and can take on an additional project simultaneously effectively doubling your ability to make money.

While we evaluate each new loan we do for you, we can see what your needs are even if you don’t. We have seen clients down to 6 months reserves, when entry cost and speed of draw process both became important. We knew exactly where to place that loan. We have had clients that over used some credit cards which caused a steep drop in score but had a partner on your flips. We knew how to leverage that information to shield them from a worse rate, higher origination costs, and dutch interest. We know what lenders need to see to get you a loan. We are never dishonest but we certainly protect our clients from making the mistake of sending their file to the wrong lender for their situation.

We also do EVERYTHING we are allowed to do for you. We fill out your application for you based on the knowledge we have of you, you just sign it. We streamline the process and don’t ask for things the lender is not going to need. Think of us as a concierge in the lending process. We have worked with clients that had a tendency to get upset if a loan wasn’t going close on time and had a history of calling their lender and letting them have it. We shield clients like that from experiencing lender pull back, a “sudden” change in terms, or all out withdrawal.

We are the consummate professional. We build relationships. We are damn good at what we do.

We are all about asset based lending. We offer free consultations, are flexible and adaptable to changes, offer access to the fastest programs and focus on YOU and YOUR needs.

Fast Money Without the Red Tape

Fix and Flip money YOUR way

Use Less of Your Own Money
Get Rehab Money Covered

PLG will show you how

Ground Up money FASTER

Buy the Land and Build
In One Simple Loan

PLG knows non-owner occupied

Long Term money the EZ way

Asset Based Lending
No Income Check or DTI Ratio


We FOCUS on the things that
matter to YOU

Leverage, Origination, Reserves,
Rate, Closing Speed, Draw Process

We can even get your payments rolled into some loans

You have questions
we have answers

The only hm brokerage with proprietary
loan placement software*

*BROKER CHEETAH makes us faster
and helps us connect you to
the right lender the first time

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